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Ebay Discount Codes + 9 More Tips For Your eBay Business

10 Tips for Making a Success of Your eBay Business

eBay has become one of the most popular selling platforms for businesses of all sizes. Using eBay, you can reach potential customers all over the world, as well as finding local customers closer to home. Making a success of your eBay venture can depend on a number of factors, but there are plenty of things you can do to increase your chances. The most obvious would be to give out a free eBay discount code to your customers to entice them to buy from your store. But there are plenty of unusual and creative ways that you can start up and grow your eBay business quickly. You could even offer people a freebie coupon for $2.49/month WordPress hosting for their website from GoDaddy or some

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The Best Waterproof Cases for Your Smartphone

While some new smartphones models have cases that protect them from liquids, there are millions of such phones on the market that are not waterproof. Whether your Smartphone accidentally falls in the toilet or a drink spills to it, liquids and Smartphone are not good friends. Fortunately, you can protect your phone by purchasing various waterproof cases that are available on the market without compromising the functionality of your Smartphone. These waterproof cases will make sure that your Smartphone are protected from any liquid that comes in contact with your phone. This article will provide a review of the best waterproof cases for your smartphone that readers want to know. We should point you to the list of the best $200 earphones to go with your smartphone as well.

Top 4 Best Waterproof Cases for

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How to Customize the Ribbon in Word

If you’re not completely happy with the Ribbon in Word, don’t worry – there are several ways you can customize it. You can reorder the existing tabs, or you can create your own tabs and groups. If you create a custom group you can then add any commands you like to it. Here’s how you do it.

The Customize Ribbon Menu

Click “File”, and then go to “Options.” Down the list of options to the left, click “Customize Ribbon.” From this screen you can make any changes you want. The menu down the left list all of the icons and commands that you can add to the ribbon, and the list to the right displays the different locations on the ribbon.

Reordering Tabs

You can’t add or remove commands from the default tabs and groups …

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5 Practical Applications of VR Hardware

5 Practical Applications of Virtual Reality

As virtual reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have become available to the public, consumers are getting excited about the amazing immersive games these can offer, which blur the line between the physical and the virtual. However, VR has many other applications than entertainment, and is already transforming fields such as a space exploration, art, tourism, medicine, and education. Here’s a fresh promo code from Amazon.com. Just because.

Here are five of the most amazing practical application of virtual reality:

1. Medicine

VR headsets can be used as a tool to train medical students. In an experiment done in a Paris hospital, a camera was attached to the surgeon’s head to film a hip surgery. Students were then able to view the recording of the surgery through a VR headset, and …

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